Botanical Butterfly Inspiration Shoot

Spring is upon us and it is GORGEOUS. With the Dogwood and Cherry Blossom Trees in full bloom (for a bittersweet short period of time), we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use some branches as the centerpiece for our springtime Botanical Butterfly shoot. Setting the table with a modern floral coverlet and some beauties from our Mismatched China collection, we accessorized our tablescape using apothecary jars filled with foliage and butterflies.

Then on a flight of whimsy, we decked out a lonely fallen branch with the leftover blossoms and butterflies, creating an enchanted hidden reading nook in the woods.

What can we say? – we just can’t help ourselves…

Disclaimer: No trees were killed in the making of this tablescape. All tree limbs were acquired from a tree being properly pruned. JoElle Elise Design tries to murder as few plants as possible in the pursuit of beauty. Unless, of course, it is an evil gum-ball tree, then all bets are off! 

Styling By JoElle Elise Design’s JoElle Knight
Photography By FlickerFlyPhotography

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