Color Pop Summer Shoot for ENGAGED!


This shoot was everything fun, colorful, life-filled and strong! Our team wanted to show off a sunny wedding style complete with textured floral fashion accessories by our friend Whitney Muncy of Emerald Design. Our stunning couple laughed their way through the entire shoot which made everything upbeat.


For our cake, we used an assortment of floral textures and shapes. Whitney and I went to work creating a floral “boa” to wrap the simple white tiered cake from our friends at piece of cake.

And the texture did not just stop there. With greenery placemats, woven linen napkins, gold utensils, an embroidered table runner and hobnail orange goblets, set on a white table with a vintage velvet gold couch and drum copper stools for seating – the entire tablescape was the definition of eye-candy!


One of our favorite details was what we dubbed the “sprouted pocket” that literally looks like it is blooming out of the suit jacket’s pocket. LOVE IT!



A floral necklace and headpiece looked fabulous on Ebonie, our stunning friend and model!

We hope all you brides out there take a cue from our color saturated shoot and be bold with your color schemes this year!

Thank you to Shillawna Ruffner for taking all the beautiful photos!


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