Old World London and Sherlock Holmes Inspired Photoshoot


So, a couple years ago, my husband got me hooked on the Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock Holmes. I was already a fan of the Robert Downey Jr. movies, so I was instantly hooked on the brilliant dialogue, acting and dark Victorian-esque set design.

When it came time to design and do floral for an inspiration shoot for ENGAGED!, we completely nerded-out, bringing out all our vintage accessories, antique books, and old world details into the shoot. We really wanted to bring a sense of brilliant chaos to the table setting as if Sherlock was still solving cases even as his wedding was happening. A perfect vintage-style dress, spring wild-looking fresh flowers and a dapper suit brought it all together. Our team was amazing to work with and the photos captured by Laura Rush of Esther Bloom Photography are stunning!

One of my very favorite details was having the iconic Sherlock apartment wallpaper recreated on our wedding cake. For die-hard fans, this is a clever way of giving a subtle and stylish nod to the series. Macaroons and a modern caramel drip bring the cake a modern twist.

Take a look at all the beautiful details!


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