Moroccan Glam Backyard Wedding


Can you believe we had two weeks to pull this glamorous, color-saturated wedding off!?! It gives me hives just thinking about it again. But when your sister says she’s going to run off to Vegas to finally marry her man of 10+ years to avoid the stress of a full-blown wedding, you do whatever you can to give her her dream wedding filled with family and friends but none of the choices she was dreading to confront.

Luckily I know my sister like the back of my hand and was excited to throw our team into the throes of creative bliss, bringing to life a wedding that she never dreamed she could have. Her love for jewel tones, cultural patterns, and sparkle dictated our decor.

Knowing her wedding would be taking place outdoors, we hung cafe lights and antique chandeliers for an amazing lighting effect. Our mismatched collection of china was put to good use at each place setting and a Mediterranean food buffet was up-scaled with vintage carnival glass and copper bowls. Swagged material and backdrop curtains transformed the under-deck bar and cake table area, while patterned table runners, an antique black and gold chest and a vintage gold bar cart made everything scream glam.

Long rows of guest tables displayed various patterned table runners on wine colored linens. Floral centerpieces were created and placed in vintage urns and jewel-colored carnival glass. Zinnias, roses, billy balls and wax flowers were just some of the floral stems we used to create a kaleidoscope of colored flower arrangements.

For their ceremony, a simple copper arch was draped with tropical fronds, draping floral and color, color, color. A Mandela, tasseled rug was placed underneath to bring pattern to the setup. Against the wooded backdrop, the arch popped.

To say the day was perfect would be an understatement. The colors, the lights, the gypsy music and the very best in family and friends all came together to celebrate the love of these two.

Thank you to our friend Shillawna Ruffner for being a part of everything that day and capturing every little moment and detail!


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