Forbidden Love – A Snow White Inspired Look

Forbidden Love – One of our most popular photoshoots to date. Dark, seductive and hauntingly romantic. Talk about epic. + THERE IS A FREAKIN’ LIVE OWL!!! 🥰🦉

Shot in one of the hidden gems of our region, Wesselman’s Park the largest Old Growth Forest in the entire state of Indiana. Old Growth forestry just looks different. It has never been cut and has had ages to grow giving habitat for all kinds of woodland critters. In short, these woods look like all those gorgeous fantasy movies and medieval romances. And YES you actually can get married there. As a part of Evansville’s city parks, the woods are made available for public use.

For this wedding look, I wanted deep pops of red, twisty branches, leaves reminiscent of trees and of course, forbidden apples. It had to be both simple yet haunting with many wood elements and touches of grandeur. My friends as Just Your Style Events have the most amazing collection of vintage furniture and provided the velvet blood red chase and the vanity mirror.

A tiered white cake would have looked out of place with our natural elements so we opted to go with rustic apple pies. And that dress! Perfect for a queen and with touches of neck sparkle. So regal.

By far, our favorite detail is Gizmo, Wesselman’s resident owl. The fact that he willingly perched on our model’s bouquet put us in raptures of happiness. Our Snow White look would not have been complete without him.

Produced by JoElle Knight & Nikki Davis for ENGAGED! River Valley Magazine
VENUE Wesselman Woods
FURNITURE Just Your Style Events
STATIONERY Howl Creative Co.
DRESS & SHOES Ella Park Bridal
MENSWEAR Ella Park Bridal
HAIR & MAKEUP Abbi Williams
PIES Be Happy Pie Company
JEWELRY H. D. Bean Jewelers

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