Chris and Delaine’s Old World Wedding

49140969502_f8b14f7618_oDelaine and Chris were absolutely not looking for love when they met in a local bar back in 2016, but love certainly found them. Both being single parents, Chris of 3 kids and Delaine of 4, they knew they had to be smart and take things slow. They wanted to make sure they were serious about each other before introducing their children. It has now been over two years since they joined families, and they haven’t looked back.


The couple said their “I dos” in front of a lavish, floral moongate during a stunning, old-world ceremony in the Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse. They wanted their wedding to be an “epic” affair. Guests were treated to a cocktail hour game of “Name That Movie” as soundtrack music was played from some of their favorite films and TV series such as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Gladiator. The guests with the most right answers got to choose from a selection wine as their prize.  There decor consisted of regal candelabras, aged metals, and beautiful fresh flowers. A decadent feast table of fruits and cheeses were laid out for guests to enjoy before the main dinner. Everyone danced and ate like kings surrounded by candlelight within the magnificent walls of the Old Courthouse.


Thank you to photographer, Jacklyn Shay for sharing her photos with us!



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